11 February 2009

Cameron has got to sink Brown

Brown is rapidly losing control of the agenda.  Just this week we have had the Balls PR disaster; Paul Waugh’s revelation concerning the actions of Sir James Crosby and by implication the judgement of Brown; a far from convincing performance from the bankers; and the bank bonus issue becoming out of control.

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Today sees new unemployment figures and the publication of the Bank of England’s quarterly inflation report, both of which will bring more bad news.

Brown is running out of options to regain the initiative.  No doubt he will have something up his sleeve.  Martin Bright reports that he may be preparing a “Sorry” statement.  It is rather late and will be seen as another example of reaction.

My contention is that Cameron has got to decisively discredit Brown on his policies and leadership, and ensure that this sticks.  He has got to raise his game and look at the big picture.  No more pussy footing around with boom and bust.  No more letting Brown wither on the vine.  Cameron needs to seize the initiative, and go for Brown in such a way that he cannot recover.  He needs to show that he is the man with the leadership that the country needs but lacks at the moment.


He has got to come up with the killer line that knocks Brown out.  Cameron has to prove to himself and country that he is the man to be PM.  Blair did this against Major (I lead my party, he follows his) and now Cameron has to.

Cameron has to seize the moment and sink Brown.  Can he do it?

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