06 February 2009

The British Bungling Corporation

It is Friday but not certainly not Crackerjack at the BBC.  Fresh from the BBC web site comes this:

The BBC has apologised after an unedited clip of the leaked tape of Christian Bale swearing was played on BBC One's Breakfast programme.

"A technical error led to us broadcasting an unacceptable swear word," said a spokeswoman.

Presenters Charlie Stayt and Susanna Reid gasped as the unbleeped clip of the Batman star's tirade went out.

A clearly stunned Reid said: "An enormous apology, that was definitely supposed to be edited."

Seconds earlier, Stayt had introduced the clip, saying "people may want to block their ears" because he expected it to be heavily bleeped.

The tape, of star Bale berating a colleague for ruining a shot on the set of Terminator Salvation, was leaked earlier this week.

I except that cock-ups do happen but why did the BBC think of broadcasting the clip anyway?  What the hell is going on at this organisation?  There is nothing but inconsistency in it’s editorial policy.

What now?  Another ban or suspension for some production person?  Does the Controller of BBC1 have another emotional rant on the Today programme?

Action this day from the BBC to clear up this escalating mess.  Some hope!

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