03 February 2009

Steve Richards does not address the real issues with Brown

Steve Richards misses the point in his article in the Indy.  His article starts off:

A very significant shift has taken place since the start of the year. There is now a widely held assumption that the Conservatives will win the next election, probably by a substantial majority:

He then spends the rest of the article explaining why Cameron may not win, then:

Probably none of these reasons will counter the voters' desire to punish a long-serving, tired and flawed government. But they might. The election is still a long way off, and between now and then, an epoch-changing crisis rages.

Very well but what he has failed to do is mention that Brown has a flawed personality, has not been elected by party or country, and more importantly ever been tested in an election, has tunnel vision with no flair, which will be badly exposed during a campaign.  The country has no time for him.

These points are fundamental and make it very difficult for Brown to win no matter what the circumstances.

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