04 February 2009

Prescott’s blog and Iain Dale

Thoughts had crossed my mind that Prescott was not writing his blog.  Being a new boy to this medium, I did not have the confidence to say so.

However Iain Dale has here and I posted a comment:

At February 03, 2009 9:04 PM , Blogger Events dear boy, events said...

I do not want to steel your thunder by posting about this myself. My guess is that you are probably right. I have hesitated in saying similar as I was not confident in doing so.
Years ago in the late 90's, soon after New Labour came into office, I had much to do with Prescott's dept. over the tendering of the London Underground PPP. His officials all moaned that Prescott would never deal with detail and had no grasp on the finer points about anything. He would never concentrate on anything longer than a few seconds let alone minutes.
I doubt much has changed over the years at his age, and I think you are probably right.
The other comment is his use of English. His posts are not written in the Prescott style. It is just not him.
Anyway what is wrong for an old man to have a bit of fun?

Prescott has responded with a video, although done with good humour, he does not exactly refute Iain’s assertion with any certainty.

Guido Fawkes then blogs about the same and also has his doubts.   I have left a similar comment to the one in Iain’s blog.

This is all good clean fun.  Prescott took the initiative with his blog, has received wide publicity(we would all like some of that!) and obviously it has made an impact.

Let the old boy have some fun and why not?  His blog is better than the dreadful LabourList.  As I said above, I have my doubts that he writes the entries.  Maybe they are polished and posted by another?

So what.  Good luck John!

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1 comment:

  1. Oh come on, what a lame excuse and how ridiculous. Getting some one to write your own blog and then claim credit is like getting some one to do a crossword for you and claiming the prize. It is utterly inconsequential. Either Prescott does a blog himself or not. The ghost writer should just start his/her own blog and stop giving the blog-limelight (I'm being ironic) to Prescott.... No excuses please !