08 February 2009

Answers please Jacqui

The Mail on Sunday reports the home secretary is on the fiddle big time.  The important point is that she should not need a 2nd home.


Two policemen provide a round-the-clock guard at the South London property, costing taxpayers an estimated £200,000 a year. The two officers are stationed at the property on a shift basis.

There would have been no need for such protection had Ms Smith opted to live in one of two vacant grace-and-favour ministerial homes in Whitehall when she became Home Secretary in 2007 as they already have police protection.

But such a move would have affected Ms Smith's personal finances: Ministers who live in such properties are not allowed to claim the Commons second-home allowance.

Just the news that is sent to cheer voters up in a recession!

UPDATE: PoliticalBetting has an interesting take on this and who may succeed her if she falls.  Heaven help us!

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