14 January 2009

With friends like these…..

Vadera, Brown’s trusted toady, has dropped Moses and her boss, Mandy, right in it.  See here.

Interesting, is Mandy’s reaction:

On the BBC's Newsnight programme later on Wednesday, Business Secretary Lord Mandelson will say that he understood what Baroness Vadera was talking about in terms of some positive signals.

However, he will add: "Do these make green shoots? I suspect not." And pressed on whether Baroness Vadera will use such language again, he will say. "I doubt it".

It is the 2nd para that puts her in her place.  Moreover, all Mandy's carefully contrived spin about the loans package has now been sunk by his own Minister.

I would give my right arm to be a fly on the wall when Mandy calls her in for a “review of the day’s events”

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