29 January 2009

What do the The BBC do at Davos?

How many reports do the over bloated BBC have at Davos?  I think we should be told.  What do they all do there?  Talk amongst themselves?

After all Darling has just cancelled saying this:

"It was decided that as a number of the people he was due to meet had pulled out, his time would be better spent doing other things," a spokesman said.

Well I suppose they have got to find some way of spending their ring fenced money?

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1 comment:

  1. Al Jazeera and Russia Today (amongst others), OTOH, have been camped there and broadcasting Davos stories more or less continuously since the forum began.

    Nice to know some news organisations take this shit seriously. Still, at least the Beeb finally got around to civil unrest and stopped whining on about some fucking chipmunk, or otter, or whatever the hell it was.