24 January 2009

Mark Thompson has to go

What is happening at the BBC?  The decision that it has taken not to broadcast the Gaza appeal makes no sense.  What is the difference to a child suffering in Gaza to a staving child in Africa?  The answer none.  Yet this over bloated organisation allows appeals for Africa but does not allow them for Gaza.

What does this arrogant organisation believe, that someone who wishes to give will not if the BBC does not broadcast the appeal?  All anybody has to do is Google the address, or listen to Benn on Today as I posted below.

The BBC should do 3 things.  Sack Mark Thompson.  Give the awful Ross’s salary to the appeal and reverse it’s decision.

The BBC is fast becoming a laughing stock and takes the wrong decisions at every turn.  Just in the last few weeks it keeps Ross, sacks Stourton, puts the awful Evan Davis up to interview Brown, who states that he agrees with Moses, which is not the job of an interviewer.

Enough I say, enough.

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