20 January 2009

Obama will stop the world as did several other events

There are events that can be remembered that stop the world.  In my lifetime, I was born in 1956, there have been several.  Today’s events in Washington can be added to the list.  For 15 minutes or so at 12.00 Washington DC time the world will hang on Obama’s every word.

These are my events that stopped the world.   Some are obvious, others because I lived through them in close proximity.  I have left Suez out as it took place over a period, and I was only 7 weeks old, although the aftermath was profound.

1962 – Cuban Missile Crisis

1963 – JFK’s assassination

1965 – Churchill's death

1969 – Man on the Moon

1974 – Nixon’s resignation

1989 – The collapse of the Berlin Wall

1997 – Diana’s death

2001 – 9/11

2009 – Obama’ inauguration

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