04 January 2009

Will the situation in Gaza get out of control?

Well it certainly looks like it this morning.  The UN has failed yet again to agree a united approach to the Gaza conflict.   The United States (what a surprise!) blocked an agreement.

What is now needed is someone, certainly not the failed Bush, to take a lead and insist on a ceasefire.  With the vacuum in the Sates this is unlikely to happen.  So what then?  Obama will probably remain silent on the issue until the 20th January, but he should make his views known through others.

Israel is not solely to blame, but it has done more than enough to ratchet up the situation that could and should be dealt with by strong leadership and negotiation.  Israel and the US cannot supply this at present.  The former has a corrupt PM with successors jockeying for position, and the US is in limbo land.

What happens now?  If the fighting and invasion go on, where will this lead?  There appears to be no answers.  Israel, and every country in the world, has a right to defend is borders.  However this conflict and Israel’s solution will only inflame and harden Arab opinion even more.

If this situation goes on unchecked, it could well spiral out of control with the world having no political leadership at present.

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  1. Laudable but sadly centrist views. With any luck Obama will ignore these events, acknowledge the right of Israel to defend itself and then let Hilary move on to Afghanistan, Iraq, Russia/Ukraine and a host of more important issues. The middle East is an all or nothing matter for the US. Hopefully Obama will make the right choice...