26 January 2009

A real danger for the UK

I started a post about the latest polls and Moses, and then this was delivered to my reader from Conservative Home.  I could not put it better myself.  If the polls continue to widen in the Tories favour, Brown will fail to act in the national interest.  His personality will just not allow him to.

I highlighted the problems with Brown's personality that are reflected in The Deal.

There is a real danger for the UK in the present political climate.  The “saviour of the world” will destroy the UK.

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  1. Brown definitely has the potential to ignore advice and bloody mindedly drive the ship into the rocks.
    I’m not sure whether than would be a calculated step to sabotage a Tory Government or because he’s so convinced of his own rightness he would subconsciously ignore advice.
    But it’s also not a dead cert – Brown has made several u-turns when faced with enough opposition and more recently has shown himself open to outside influence when he can see he will benefit from it.

  2. Yes you have a point in your last para. I take your point.