19 January 2009

The sands of time are running against Brown

Brown has a pressing political issue, despite his grandstanding that the election is far from his mind, in that he is running out of time.  There is just over a year to go before the election and the options for him are running out.  Even if today’s measures work, they will take time to do so.

Furthermore, Brown is going to be left standing this week.  From Tuesday everyone will be looking to Obama to provide solutions to economic and political problems both domestically and internationally.  Obama will be in a honeymoon phase for sometime.  Brown, of course, is in a completely different phase of the political cycle.  Brown can be blamed, Obama cannot.

The Tories have today added to Brown’s problems.  They now have a strong economic team with Ken Clarke bringing added credibility to their cause.

Brown is now at the mercy of events and not in control of them, as initiatives, and the focus for them, move from the UK to the US.  The public may well conclude that Brown has not “saved the world” and his policies are not working.

Bringing Mandy back has sharpened Brown’s focus, but what has he really achieved?  If the polls move back in the Tories favour and decisively so, it will have all been in vain.  It is then that Mandy has to decide what to do.  Does he ditch Brown in a last attempt to win Labour a 4th term?  It could well happen.

Desperate times will call for desperate political measures as the election moves centre stage.

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