30 January 2009

A fanciful suggestion, maybe not!

The New Statesman publishes an article about a possible coalition between Labour and the LibDems before the election.  Clearly Moses is going to pull something out the hat, but this idea seems rather fanciful.

The article suggests Clegg could be deputy PM and Cable chancellor.  I think the first can be dismissed easily but that latter cannot.  More generally how would this coalition work?  What about other posts for leading LibDems?  Who in the present cabinet, many of whom have long careers ahead of them, would stand aside?  How much would the two parties split?

More importantly, would the electorate buy into this or would there may be a revolt calling for an election?

Then we get to the election.  How would the LibDems defend themselves to the argument that they are propping a dying government?  How would the LibDems defend themselves in the southern seats where they are second to the Tories and hope to beat?

Sounds all too much to swallow? Maybe not.  Brown says that he will cancel ID cards and dump the Trident replacement.  Clegg rolls over at this, as any LibDem leader would

Food for thought?  Could be.  Brown will be a nightmare to work with, but it would stop Mandy in his tracks.

Brown is king playing the short term advantage card no matter what the consequences.

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