04 January 2009

Nothing to do with me!

That is all right then.  Brown’s solutions are right.  Everybody else is wrong.  It is all America’s fault.  If everybody was to agree with me all this would be solved.  An election is further from my mind.  UK debt is no problem.  Savers need not worry.  Obama will do what I have done.  The G20, as it is in London, will solve all the issues.  Everybody else made mistakes but not me over the past 12 years.  On and on Brown went.

That about sums up Brown’s interview with Marr (who I have to admit was better than usual in his questioning).

Let’s all relax.  Brown has all the solutions.  That is why the pound has fallen, high street shops are closing, thousands are losing their jobs, banks are not lending, etc, etc.  Oh and by the way, Brown has thrown billions away with a meaningless VAT cut.

Does he honestly provide leadership?  Is he really cut out to be PM?

At various stages of the interview I thought he was still chancellor.   But no, he is PM because, yet again, he sidestepped the election issue.  Of course if he gets that decision wrong, it will all be Obama’s fault or the principle of democracy or what Mandy tells him to say.

The UK deserves batter than him, surely.  As RA Butler said of another, “he is the best prime minister we got”.  And so he is!

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