15 January 2009

The Tory reshuffle and the Westminster village

The various blogs from the Westminster village are getting themselves very worked about the rumoured pending Tory reshuffle.  Ben Brogan goes into overdrive this morning.  Why all the fuss?  Does it really matter when it happens, who is in or out?  It is hardly going to affect the immediate political outlook.  Riddell in The Times was much more measured yesterday.

My guess is that Labour is spinning this as well as the Tories.  Brown and Mandy would love a diversion from the economic problems, and the appalling Heathrow runway decision.  Labour want Ken Clarke and have already decided how to attack him.  So much for Brown declaring that he thinks of nothing else apart from how he can help people through the recession.

Cameron should stay cool.  Why others have whipped this up is because they want a story driven my personalities.  In the end they may not get the story they want.  Dave may have a few surprises up his sleeve.

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