25 January 2009

Burnham calls the dogs off

Seems like the Government has pulled back from a fight with the BBC over the Gaza appeal, if Andy Burnham the Culture Secretary’s comments are anything to go by:

Mr Burnham said he respected the independence of broadcasters and understood the difficulty of judgement having to be made over the Gaza appeal.

"I think these are difficult judgements for all broadcasters particularly for the BBC and the way it is funded. Everyone wants to accuse the BBC of one bias or another.

"I am pleased this appeal will now be shown and other broadcasters have chosen to. I think it is right that broadcasters have their own judgements - broadcasters that have an international presence, it is important for them.

I am not sure the press and public will take the same line.  The damage to the BBC’s judgement has already been done, which Burnham could hardly admit to.

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1 comment:

  1. It is an extremely disappointing capitulation in the face of rabid media and political pressure. The question is, how many of these noisy people will actually give any money to this cause and then how many will leap back on to their keyboards when none of the 'aid' can get through because of Hamas' bombs and rockets?