03 January 2009

Has Gordon failed the world?

The Times and Guardian are both reporting the bank bail-out has failed and lending has yet to happen.  It seems that Brown is failing in his core policy of attempting to avoid a full scale recession or even a depression.  Will a second bail-out work?  It is doubtful.  All it will do is increase the bank’s liquidity but will do little to increase lending.

No doubt Brown, when he is on Marr (another useless interviewer) on Sunday morning, will spin “it all started in the US” line and underpin his line with other porkies.  It will not wash.  There are deep seated problems in the UK economy driven by Brown’s policy of the last 12 years.

Now is the time for Cameron to hammer home the message that Brown’s policies have failed and are continuing to do so.  With Steve Hilton returning from the States soon, expect a sharpening of the Tory message, and not before time.

Cameron has got to get the message across, and make it stick, that Brown has failed.  He must also lay out in simple headline terms what he would do.  If he can do that, Brown will be in a deep political and economic hole that he will not escape from.

Can Cameron do it?

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