24 January 2009

The Government can force the BBC to show appeal

Thompson has used a BBC blog to defend his decision on a the Gaza appeal.  Firstly, this shows a sign of panic.  When the Ross saga blew up Thompson was silent for days.  Secondly, he says nothing new and repeats points made earlier by others.  Thirdly, I wonder if he penned this himself?

Whatever, Thompson and the BBC know they are wrong hence the blog.  The other organisations  have now agreed to show the appeal.

If the BBC cannot get it’s act together, then the Government should show the appeal as a Ministerial broadcast.  That would really finish off the useless Thompson off.

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  1. What is a Ministerial broadcast? Your blind pro Palestinian views are in danger of inventing solutions without any basis in reality.

  2. Firstly I do not have "blind pro-Palestinian views"

    We are dealing with a humanitarian crisis no matter what the rights and wrongs. If the Government feels so strongly, they can demand a ministerial broadcast so they can make an appeal if the BBC will not reverse it's decision.

    Of course it will not happen. However the BBC needs to get it's act in order. That is the point of my post