25 January 2009

Good luck to 2 Jags with free BBC air time

I have always treated Prescott as a figure of fun but he comes over as a genuine person.  It is to his credit that he has started a web site and blog.  Whether this has Labour Party approval or he was pressurised into doing it is not clear.  My guess is that with the publicity surrounding the launch (including his interview on the BBC today) it will take off in a big way initially.  It certainly will leave LabourList floundering if it is not already.

Just one further thought.  How come 2 Jags is allowed to launch his blog on the BBC?  Surely Prescott is not considered by the BBC as impartial?

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  1. Sadly its moderated to buggery, several people have tried to comment and their comments either are removed or go to a moderator - same thing.

    Alas free debate is still a myth with Labour.

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