23 January 2009

Obama and the Glasgow factory

BO: Hello Gordon.  Just thought I give you a call while you are visiting a Glasgow factory.  My people are doing some research for my visit and I am wondering if I could visit the same factory when I come over in April?

GB: That would be no problem.  I will talk to my people.

BO: Tell me Gordon.  Do you think the factory will still be operational when I come over?

GB: What do you mean!

BO: I am referring to the awful recession with you.

GB: This recession started in America. We need global solutions.  You and I…….

BO: Gordon, Gordon.  What you say in public is one thing but you and I know the truth.  It is all your fault.  You put your country in debt and borrowed too much.

GB: I know but I am in a public place, and can’t say the truth as I am at this factory.

BO: My people thought the factory may have closed whilst we were talking, so we could have a private conversation.

GB: I do not understand.

BO: Yes, I see that.

GB: Could we talk later when I can be more frank with you.

BO: Difficult as Michelle wants to talk with Nicky and Carla.

Phone goes dead.  Brown goes into rage and throws the phone at the last worker leaving the bankrupt factory.

Mandy is told to give this incident a positive spin.

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