25 January 2009

This must be serious

The Sunday Times alleges that four Labour Lords were prepared to accept cash to amend laws to benefit their clients.  Obviously this is serious, and would not have been published without hard evidence.

Clearly the Labour spin machine is taking it so, having rushed the little known Lady Royall on to the top of the Andrew Marr programme to give the usual platitudes on these occasions.

No doubt the standards committee will called in to investigated.  Then what?  Correct me if I am wrong but I doubt, if guilty, they can stripped of their peerages.

No one should rush to judgement but considerable further damage has already been done to parliaments reputation by the publication alone.

Last week Brown tries a stitch up on MP’s expenses, now he may have his Lordships taking brown envelopes.  This story has legs, is not global, has not started in America, and spells big trouble for our Leader and if true the blame cannot be shifted elsewhere.

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