23 January 2009

Brown knows it is not working

I do not think Brown’s today interview achieved that much, and it was silly of Davis trying to get Brown to admit to “boom and bust”.  That was a waste.  Many global references and not one Obama (this may need correcting).

However, and this to me was the important message, Brown is cleverly preparing the ground for failure, which he will clearly blame on the lack of global agreement and action.  He banged on about the latter repeatedly.

Overall a poor effort from both Davis and Brown.  No memorable sound bites, many half truths, and clear evidence the ground is being prepared for failure.

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  1. Hi, I like your blog - a few alternative opinions there. I'm a lobby correspondent who recently started running a blog from inside Westminster. I'd be intereseted in knowing what you thought. Also I've added you to my blog list any chance of getting on your's?

  2. Thanks for that. Much appreciated. Like yours also and will add to mine shortly.