29 January 2009

Gordon, Barack here

GB: Hello Barack.  How are you?  We are getting very excited about your visit to the UK.

BO: I have problem that I wish to discuss.

GB: Oh please come, we all very dependent on…..

BO: Gordon, I have not phoned to discuss the visit.  Please listen.  The House of Representatives have passed my economic stimulus package but not one republication voted for it.

GB: Don’t worry.  I have the same problem with the Tories at this end…

BO: If I may continue.  I met with senior Republicans and their objections hit home.  Of course, I followed your lead, as you insisted, but my people are now saying that the Republicans may have a point.  We may have to revise our policies to get them through the Senate as I want cross party support.

GB: But this will leave me……

BO: I thought I should tell you that my economic team have been in touch with someone called George Osborne.  He has come up with some good ideas that we may take on board.  Do you know him?

GB: (trying to control his emotions). Slightly, but we will give you all the…

BO: Anyway I just wanted to let you know where I am.  I will be in touch again in due course.

GB: These problems started in the US…

Phone goes dead.  Gordon throws the phone against the wall and starts sobbing.

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