26 January 2009

Thompson wants it both ways but he is off the hook

The BBC’s DG was swinging around like a monkey on heat during his Today interview.  He was insisting that the BBC will not show the appeal, and then proceeded to tell listeners how to donate.  Does he really think we are thick and do not know what to do?

Fortunately for him the story has now hit the buffers as Sky have announced that they too will not show the appeal.  So Thompson survives until the next BBC bungle.

I bet the Mandy and Moses will not be that pleased about Sky’s decision.    It means that the Lords story will now move back centre stage.   Something will bubble up as Labour tries to deflect this story.  My guess is that Brown will try to use Barclays statement to insist that UK banking is robust.  In truth of course Barclays have told Brown to take a hike.  If only he would…..

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