15 January 2009

Heathrow : Too clever by half

The decision to build a 3rd runway at Heathrow is too clever by half.  Brown’s theory is that he is doing something and taking the right long term decisions, whilst it is wrong to do nothing.  Hoon said as much in his statement.  This is wrong and cannot be applied to an issue that is in many ways not party political.

Whether the decision that has been made is either right or wrong is not the point, it is what lies beneath.  There are no party political dividing lines to be had here.  The Government should make it’s case and allow others to do so, and then have a vote.  This has been denied.

Brown is using his tunnel vision on the economy in dictate policy in other areas.  A natural leader would show some flair and imagination.  None is being offered and no options, like an alternative to Heathrow, are being considered.

This decision will run and run and has wide implications for many seats west of central London.

Brown has been too clever by half.

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