29 January 2009

Obama’s non visit

Further confirmation by Fraser Nelson that Obama may not be visiting Moses for the G20.  This is the relevant para from his article in today’s Spectator:

But when Mr Brown spoke to the president last Friday, he heard the word that every anxious host dreads. Mr Obama said he ‘hoped’ to come to the G20 summit — nothing firmer. The word, repeated in public statements by the White House afterwards, was no error. ‘As yet, his attendance is unconfirmed,’ says the US embassy in London. And if the star guest doesn’t show, then the other world leaders may not either. The G20 may revert to its original format: an unremarkable finance ministers’ summit. Having hyped the summit so much, it would mean abject humiliation for Mr Brown.

This can hardly be put down to security reasons.  The date and location have been known for months.  What is going on?  US Presidents do not move around the world at the drop of a hat.  The logistics must take weeks to organise.

This rumour is going to gain traction and in Brown’s defence some announcement needs to be made.  The 2nd worst situation is that he comes as an afterthought.

Without Obama at the G20 Brown’s re-launch of the re-launch is stone dead.

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  1. That and several of the Brownie comentariat's predictions that he would go to the country on the back of Obama's visit going up in smoke too.

    I never thought Brown would call an election before June at the very earliest, though we may have an election up here very soon.

  2. Allan, What is your view? If there is an election in Scotland, will Labour face wipe out?