30 January 2009

Too much haste from Obama

Anyone else getting the feeling that Obama is acting in too much haste?  Yes he has to create an impression of action, and the first ones stick, but he is starting to became bogged down.

Firstly, his recovery problem is not going to plan.  All Republicans and 11 Democrats voted against the package in the House of Representatives.  Secondly, a judge has now rejected to delay the trial of a detainee held at Guantanamo Bay.

His intentions are sound but is he doing his groundwork?  Is he shooting from hip rather too much?  Shades of New Labour!

I suggest he is playing to the gallery.  The dog for the girls, the rant on Wall Street bonuses, the rumour (according to Andrew Neil) that Michelle is pregnant, rather deflect from the issues he faces.  (maybe the last example is not relevant, but what is wrong with gossip?)

At his inauguration one commentator said that Obama would have the shortest honeymoon of any recent president.  The comment stuck.  My hunch is that he may be proved correct.

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  1. He is Tony Blair mark 11 ! What do you expect?

  2. You spin too much. The congressional vote was a ploy, the GITMO problem was inevitable (more to come I think) and Michelle pregnant.... Ridiculous. Your post should read, "Inevitable bumps on the road shortly after setting out..." (But I guess this is less appealing)