17 January 2009

Gaza: The simple truth

Israel goes in when Bush is at his weakest and can do nothing.  Israel is now likely to declare a unilateral ceasefire  3 days before Obama takes office.  Assuming their intelligence was fairly accurate, they must have known it would take about 3 weeks to weaken Hamas’s infrastructure.

Moreover the overriding motive was not the attack on Hamas.  This could have happened at any time.  The “why now” is partly answered above.  Add to that are the motives of the corrupt PM, Olmert, who clearly wants to go with a success after the Lebanon debacle.  Then there are the ambitions of Barak and Livni as they jockey for power.

Is it too cynical to suggest that nearly 1200 people have died due to a weak US president and internal politics of Israel?  The timing of all this suggest it maybe near the truth.

1 comment:

  1. Ridiculous and outrageous. Israel has to defend its borders and the wounding of Hamas was important. As to the idea that some how intelligence knew it would take 3 weeks to achieve. This is totally bizarre. Urban warfore is totally unpredictable, ask the British how they fared in Northern Ireland after 20 years.

    Hamas is the problem, not Israel, when are people going to wake up and focus on this!