29 May 2009

What is Mandy going to do?

Mandy now joins the queue in spinning the elections results that are still a week away:

Every party and every government for as long as I remember has suffered disappointments or setbacks in the polls. I think you have to listen to a result. You have to draw appropriate conclusions. Then you have make sure that you refocus on what you need to be doing for the people of this country. That is what we shall be doing.

Of course it is last two sentences that stand out.  You have to laugh.  Labour will be doing everything but helping the people of his country after next Thursday.  The ‘refocus’ will be all about Brown, the Labour party and what Alan Johnson intends to do.

Mandy knows this.  The point is, what is he going to do?  Does he back Brown or not?  Mandy’s utterances should be closely monitored in the coming days.

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