19 May 2009

A momentous day

Nothing more than the obvious happened to the Speaker but nevertheless a momentous day.

While we are all focused on the Speaker, Sam Coates is reporting this:

A senior Labour backbencher has just described the Prime Minister's performance at a meeting of Labour MPs as "awful". Apparently he blamed the media for the tide of sleaze engulfing MPs, which went very down badly. A series of MPs have just told me that things are "very bad" for Brown at the moment. It's important not to lose sight of a bigger story than the Speaker going on under our noses at the moment.

Perhaps Brown is not that safe after all.

Also you may well be interested in this exchange over at Comment Central.  Appears others are beginning to play catch up in wanting to debate whether Labour should ditch Brown.

One other matter.  Place your bets that Brown will claim he has reached cross party consensus on MPs’ expenses at his press conference later on, 3 hours after the Speaker has resigned.

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  1. If Labour get slaughtered at the European Elections, it could possibly spell the end for Brown. Otherwise you'd have to drag him tooth and nail away from no 10 I reckon.

  2. The Speakers demise is the latest symptom of serious mismanagement and incompetance by the Brown government