18 May 2009

One amazing afternoon

1. Following the Sun’s article this morning, Cameron has called for an immediate general election and said that he was launching a petition calling for one.

2. Labourlist carries a letter from Labour candidates, councillors and others attacking Gordon Brown’s leadership:

The Prime Minister, and the collective leadership of the Labour Party, have been negligent in protecting the reputation of the party by failing to speedily apologise for our MPs, by failing to take immediate and clear disciplinary action, and by regularly appearing to side with Ministers and MPs who have made excessive and exaggerated claims in the face of justifiable public anger.

3. And now the Speaker finds that he has lost the confidence of the Commons follow his statement.  The most devastating attack came from Sir Patrick Cormack, saying that the mood is similar to that at the time of the Norway debate.

Clearly, the Commons is united now in wanting the Speaker to go.  According to Nick Robinson, it may have been Brown that urged Martin to stay and fight.

As for Cameron and his call for an election.  He has done what is required.  Well, I would say that, wouldn't I?

So, what will happen next?  Place your bets now for an early election.  July anyone?

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  1. Ah'm gaein NAEWHERE pal! Ye can take yer events an' awa an' bile yer heid!