22 May 2009

Oh no. Polly Toynbee is at it again

The women is like a dog with a bone.  We have another article from her saying Brown should be replaced and now she wants a Cabinet purge:

A usually astute cabinet minister tells me that Labour will win the next general election with Gordon Brown as leader: the economy will turn and a grateful nation will appreciate what he did in the crisis. Let's hope this is just pre-election discipline. But a senior minister outside the cabinet rings to say: "They're all in huge denial. They are literally mad."

But if the party chose Alan Johnson as a new clean-hands leader, he would do the necessary purge. There are plenty of other clean hands to fill a cabinet – the over­looked Tony Wright of the Public Administration Committee, Chris Mullin and Fiona Mactaggart could be prominent among them.

I like the way Polly speaks about ‘a usually astute cabinet minister’.  I wonder if this is the same minister she used to agree with when she was Brown's biggest cheer leader?

Months of planning have been undertaken on how Brown should be replaced.  All is now in ruins due one women!

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