14 May 2009

And you thought MPs were bad!

Whist resignations and suspensions rage over the expenses scandal, did you know that in 08/09 £2.7bn of benefits were overpaid due to fraud and error.

Perhaps when our elected representatives have paid back what they have fiddled over the years, they can start saving us taxpayers a bit more money by ensuring benefit fraud is reduced.

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1 comment:

  1. Surely it would be as important to reduce error as to reduce fraud? Therefore your final sentence confuses me.

    IMHO it seems, bar a few high profile cases, most benefit fraud is either: i) people making mistakes because the system is so complex, or ii) people pocketing a couple of extra quid from say, a lodger or family member living with them, or a bit of cash in hand work, because benefit rates are so low most people simply cannot survive on them.