23 May 2009

Further calls for an early election

There are two further polls indicating there has been a clear shift in public opinion towards having a general election in the wake of the expenses scandal.

PoliticsHome has a poll showing that 48% would prefer an early election compared to 34% in a similar poll taken three weeks ago.


The Guardian reports:

That 36% of respondents believe an election should be held as soon as possible. Another 30% said they wanted an election before Christmas – suggesting that two-thirds of voters want to go to the polls in 2009.

Only 30% said the election should be delayed until 2010 (Gordon Brown cannot leave it later than June 2010). 55% said they believe Brown should go to the country before the process of constitutional reform could begin.

The Sun is reporting that ministers are saying that Brown’s ‘best hope’ is to go the polls in October after the launch of the new ‘national plan’.  No, I don't think so.  Labour's ‘best hope’ is described here.

Meanwhile, the calls for an early election will only grow due to Brown’s lack of authority and his failure to show any kind of leadership.

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