29 May 2009

Is it finally all over for Brown?

This is the information we need.  The first of the weekend polls has arrived from Populus for the Times:

General election intentions:

CON 41%(+2), LAB 21%(-6), LDEM 15%(-2)

European election intentions:

CON 30%(-4), LAB 16%(-9), LDEM 12%(-8), UKIP 19%(+13!), Green 10%(+5), BNP 5%(+3)

Anthony Wells reports:

The latest Populus poll suggests a further slump in Labour support and brings the pollsters broadly in line, suggesting it is Labour who have most suffered from the expenses scandal. Asked directly who had suffered most from the expenses row 35% said Labour, with only 7% saying Conservative - though 50% said all parties had suffered equally. Asked which of the party leaders was most damaged the contrast was even starker - 62% said Brown, only 5% Cameron, and only 25% said the leaders had suffered equally.

Other polls are required to see if there is a uniform trend.  However, if these figures are accurate Alan Johnson has some serious thinking to do over the next few days before panic breaks out in the Labour party next weekend.

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  1. I sincerely hope so Howard but then again I think he'll have to be dragged kicking and screaming.