31 May 2009

Brown’s last will and testament

Watching Marr's interview with Brown, one thing is for sure.  Brown has not used his recent break from public appearances to improve his interviewing skills.  He came across as more delusional than ever.  He was pathetic and failed to answer a single question.  The interview was one big bore.  There was no sign whatever that Brown recognises his own unpopularity and not a single idea of how he will turn around Labour’s dreadful position in the polls.  He kept interrupting, saying nothing was his fault and repeating throughout that he was the only person that would come up with right ideas for constitutional reform.

As for Marr.  He is just not up to the job of landing any punches whatsoever on whoever he interviews.  Why does he have to keep demonstrating to us all that he so clever by not using notes?

Perhaps this should be Brown final act as prime minister.  Marr asked him why the Queen had not received an invitation to the to the D-Day commemoration service in France.  Brown did not address the point head on but then said:

If the Queen wants to attend these events or if any member of the Royal family want to attend these events I would make that happen.

Make it happen Gordon and then go.

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