27 May 2009

Reform: They are all at it

imageIn the rush to move on from the expenses scandal the party leaders give their views to The Indy on constitutional reform.  All the articles are full of I’s and we’s.

The Indy leads Brown’s piece with the headline:

I'll consider anything that makes the political elite accountable to citizens.

“I’ll consider anything” is accurate to describe the position Moses will find himself in after 4th June.

Buried away in his article we discover what our elusive leader has been up to these past few days:

Yesterday I spent time meeting young people in Fife and tomorrow I will meet members of the Youth Citizenship Commission to talk about how young people can vote on local budgets, run local youth councils and elect members to a national youth parliament.

A most odd campaign strategy.  I wasn't aware there were any local elections in Scotland.  Perhaps Labour’s priority is to keep Brown out of sight as much as possible in the run up to 4th June. Whatever, he has an article in the FT on the forgotten topic of Europe.

Isn't rather clever of Cameron.  Not only has he set the agenda on expenses and constitutional reform but he has avoided Europe.  A timely speech on the forgotten subject of the economy before next week would be welcome.

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