30 May 2009

Labour now in 3rd place

There is an ICM poll in the Sunday Telegraph:

General election intentions:

CON 40%(+1), LAB 22%(-6), LDEM 25%(+5)

European election intentions:

CON 29%(-1), LAB 17%(-7), LDEM 20%(+2), UKIP 10%(nc), Green 11%(+1), BNP 5%(+4).

Anthony Wells reports:

The Lib Dems caught Labour as recently as 2003, after the Brent East by-election, but as far I can see one has to go back to 1986 to find them ahead of Labour.

There are some variations with the Saturday's Populus poll.  However, these are desperate figures for Brown just four days away from the June elections.

A reshuffle will not pull these figures around no matter how dramatic.  Just what is Brown planning?

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