29 May 2009

MPs’ expenses: On and on we go



There is no stopping the daily dose of revelations on MPs’ expenses. Today, the Telegraph homes in on Bill Cash’s crimes and misdemeanours.  Buried deep in the article you find that Cash’s claims were illegitimate under the rules at the time.  No matter, the media mob will be after him.

Elsewhere, The Independent leads on the £1m payoff that MPs who quit at the next election are entitled to and the Guardian reports that at least 52 Labour MPs wish to join the Lords.  There is no mention of any names or where the information comes from.

Haven't we had enough?  Haven't we got the message?  Do we need the anymore of the nightly shouting matches on Newsnight?  We have an independent committee looking into the whole matter that will report in the Autumn.  One more time, isn't time to move on?

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  1. No, it's not time to move on. It will be time to move on when the last egregious trougher is out of the house.

    Then and only then.

  2. No its not.

    If the country was being run well rather the current disaster and the current iteration of parliamentary democracy wasn't such a complete farce - then these expenses might be move easily forgiven/resolved.

    From the outside it seems a significant majority of MPs treat their role as a comfortable sinecure rather than acting in the best interest of thier constituents.

  3. Cash has to answer the question - but first indications are he has done nothing wrong.

    Why then Camerons attitude - Cash is the leader of the Eurosceptics.
    Good for pro EU Cameron to get him out of the way.

    If so Big Big mistake - the mood in the country is for a EU referendum, after all this failure of the democratic process is a major driver behind much of the view that Politicians and Parliment are in it for themselves not for us.