18 May 2009

Proof that Cameron is decisive

Most odd that the latest YouGov poll was only in the print edition of The Telegraph and not available on-line.  The ever dependable Anthony Wells has the details:

Topline voting intentions are CON 39%(-2), LAB 23%(+1), LDEM 19%(nc). The “others” are made up of 6% for UKIP(nc), BNP 4%(nc), Green 4%(+1), SNP/PC 4%(nc).

For Europe voting intentions stand at CON 26%(-2), LAB 21(+2), LDEM 14(-5), UKIP 16(-3), BNP 7%(+4)

I expect there will be much volatility in the polls over the next few weeks.  Note the rise in support of the BNP.

Now this:

David Cameron continues to come out of the scandal far more positively than Gordon Brown. 54% of respondents thought he had acted more decisively, compared to 12% for Brown.

I see note that Simon Heffer has joined in calling for an early election.  Will Polly Toynbee be next?

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