14 May 2009

Brown’s future could be irrelevant

Ben Brogan’s article in the Telegraph contrasts the fortunes of Brown and Cameron in the wake of the expenses scandal.  He says this:

It will be small comfort to those inside Number 10 that the panic over expenses and future revelations has for the moment stilled Labour talk of unseating Mr Brown. A June putsch remains just wishful thinking while Westminster waits for the elections to deliver their verdict.

Fatalism has gripped Labour. Around the Cabinet table there are no volunteers to move against the leader. The only one with the power to persuade him to go voluntarily is Peter Mandelson, who has no intention of giving anyone the excuse to accuse him of betrayal.

So the future for the party now is drift, as those on deck try as they might to avoid any more controversies that would further expose the weaknesses in Mr Brown's character.

Of course, this does not mean a move against Brown won’t happen, but the expenses revelations make this less likely.  Panic will grip Labour if the polls demonstrate that Cameron has impressed the public with his decisive action this week.

The elections in June will influence Brown’s future, however the public clamour for an early general election may well become irresistible, especially if Cameron continues to demonstrate leadership.  Events may well have determined that the future of Gordon Brown as Labour’s leader is irreverent if Cameron has, not before time, ‘sealed the deal’ with the electorate.

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