27 May 2009

Brown: The latest theory


Adam Boulton has the latest on Brown’s exit strategy, although you would have thought he had already left the stage due to his non-appearance over the last few days:

Lots to talk about already you might think, yet when I bumped into one star of the Blair/Brown era with a cheery "What's up?", the answer was apocalyptic: "I'll tell you what's up," came the reply, "Gordon will be gone by the middle of next month. The theory is that the election results will be so poor for the government, that the Prime Minister will find an excuse - health? - to duck out and avoid further humiliation. Mr Brown has backed out before, it's pointed out, refusing to challenge Tony Blair for the leadership, and ensuring there was no election when his chance finally came in 2007, so why not avoid the approaching unpleasantness of an approaching crushing election defeat.

I can’t see him going without a push.  However, you never know.  Health problems can suddenly be found, convenient excuses given, as to why our present leader should spend more time with his family.

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