11 May 2009

Dissent in the Brown bunker and no action

On the expenses revelations, Brown has said this:

I want to apologise on behalf of politicians, on behalf of all parties for what has happened in the events of these last few days. I want to assure you…we must have the highest standards for our profession.

Since when has being a politician been a profession?

However, according to David Singleton of PR Week, his comments do not get the support of those inside the Brown bunker:

One disgruntled Labour adviser said: ‘The timing is all wrong. Today's bulletins should be all about Tory sleaze, not Gordon.'

A source close to Downing Street admitted: ‘Gordon has made himself a one-man news sponge, soaking all the attention away from the Tories.'


Bell Pottinger Public Affairs chairman Peter Bingle also criticised Brown's intervention, saying: 'Brown has now ensured the Tory expenses issue doesn't have legs. He has killed the story. It shows that his communications and that that of Number Ten do not compare to Tony Blair's. Alastair Campbell would never have done that.'

What is needed is action, not some catch-up, mealy-mouthed spur of the moment sorry statement.

From the Speaker we got, "serious change" was needed and an independent body auditing expenses claims would be set up "very soon".  This really will not do.

Who is going to provide the leadership over this outrage and when?

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