17 May 2009

Has HMQ spoken to Brown about MPs’ expenses?

So now we know or do we.  According to reports, HMQ is troubled about by the expenses scandal.  However, two papers quoting ‘insiders’ and ‘sources’ fail to agree whether The Queen has actually spoken to Brown as yet.

The Sunday Express:

She will tell the Prime Minister he needs to act decisively to prevent a full-blown constitutional crisis.

High on the agenda at his regular audience with the Queen on Tuesday will be the fate of Commons Speaker Michael Martin, whose petulant handling of the row has been widely criticised.

The Mail on Sunday:

The Queen has told Gordon Brown she is worried that the scandalous revelations about MPs' expenses could damage Parliament.

She discussed the explosion of public outrage over the scandal in what is understood to have been a candid exchange of views when she met the Prime Minister for their weekly audience at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.

It will not be a pleasant Sunday for the person responsible for leaking this non-story.

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  1. I can just imagine HM The Queen saying to Cyclops "One thinks you are a complete hoon."