25 May 2009

Blair: Brown will not beat Cameron

John Burton, Blair's former agent in Sedgefield, has written a book, We Don’t Do God.  There is an extract in the Mail on Sunday

On Brown:

At Budget time, Gordon would keep everything secret: at times not even the Prime Minister knew what would be announced. If they met in a corridor, Gordon would ignore Tony.

Once, Gordon had to be physically restrained when he got into a temper over an election campaign issue. He was riddled with resentment.

Perhaps Brown didn't have a mobile in those days!

On Cameron:

After his farewell speech at Trimdon Labour Club in May, 2007, Tony told me he knew he would have been able to deal with Conservative leader David Cameron at the next General Election, but he didn't believe Gordon would have it in him.

Hmmm.  No question Blair is right about Brown.  On Cameron, I am not so sure.  Future historians of the New Labour era will debate this at length.  What Blair couldn't have foreseen when he made these comments was the coming recession.  With him still PM and Brown as Chancellor, it could well be that Labour would be in better position to win the coming election.  We will never know.

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