18 May 2009

Now The Sun calls for a general election


Quoting the words first used by Cromwell and later by Leo Amery in the 1940 Norway debate, The Sun calls for a general election and says Cameron backs the idea:

The Sun today calls on Gordon Brown to ask the Queen to dissolve Parliament and hold a general election — so politics can be rid of its sleaze-ridden MPs once and for all.

Tory leader David Cameron believes the British people have had enough of sleaze-ridden MPs — and he backs growing demands for a snap General Election to clean up the Commons.

Insiders believe Mr Cameron’s early election call could come as soon as tonight, when he is due to make a keynote speech.

In a further development on MPs’ expenses, The Telegraph is reporting that House of Commons officials colluded with MPs to let them make inflated claims on their mortgages. 

I posted on Saturday on why there should be a general election and that Cameron should act decisively.  It is the supreme test of leadership.  He should not let the moment pass.

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  1. A general election will not of itself clean up the Commons. The political class in the form of the three main parties will again decide for us who we can vote for and the results will be another government of the centre chosen from the embedded political class. Only a change of facade can result from a general election now. Without a complete renewal of the constitution, an iron-clad written constitution to limit the power of government we can not expect any improvement in our present wretched state.