28 May 2009

What is Brown up to?


Where is the man?  Is he still performing the duties of prime minister?  For days now Brown has kept a low profile carrying out engagements that backbench MPs delight in.  What is going on?  He is up to something is tactical Gordon.  What have him and Mandy cooked up before the country goes to the polls?

Brown is due to go on Marr on Sunday in a final appeal to save his premiership.  Are we to have a major announcement just days before the elections?  Will Brown surprise as all and reshuffle before the 4th June?  There is no logical reason why not.

Something is brewing.  Radio silence can’t be maintained for another week.

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  1. Presumably preparing the "Youth Citizenship Council", his version of Hitler Youth. If you can't pull the wool over the eyes of the grownups, grab the kids!
    Brown vows to make politics relevant to young people

  2. Perhaps the men in white coats have been round to No. 10? Brown's mental stability has been questionable for months - the sleazefest may have been the tipping point. Good riddance!