27 May 2009

Not only Rantzen, but also Heffer

As MPs rush to stand down at the next election on the back of the expenses scandal, I was beginning to worry where the talent will come from to implement the great constitutional reforms that are being spoken of.  Fear not.  Some top notch candidates are coming forward.

Not only has Esther Rantzen confirmed she will stand against Margaret Moran unless the Labour MP resigns over her expenses, but now Simon Heffer has also come forward.  The great columnist has indicated that he will stand against Sir Alan Haselhurst if the deputy speaker fails to stand down at the next election.

The Telegraph also reports that other celebrities who may well gatecrash the Commons are David Van Day (who?) and Robert Harris.

I would consider standing myself on an anti-Brown ticket.  Alas, The Great Man may not be with us at the time of the election.

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