31 May 2009

He is good that Alan Johnson


This why Alan Johnson would be good.  The Observer reports:

In a sign of his frustration at Labour's failure to land blows on Cameron and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg over the expenses scandal, Johnson said the two, whom he dubbed the "self-righteous brothers", had been allowed to take the moral high ground without being challenged over their own financial arrangements.

“I am amazed what an easy ride Cameron and Clegg have had over this whole issue,” he said.

Three simple words, ‘self-righteous brothers’, that would hit home.  Let us hope this novice is allowed to prove he is up to the job.

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1 comment:

  1. Oh Goody - Alan Johnson!

    Ideologically aligned with the Communist Party Of Great Britain - just what we need! - An unelected Marxist, taking over from an unelected imbecile.

    If you didn't think today's Britain could possibly get any worse...................