10 May 2009

Reshuffle if you want to

If you seek, you shall find.  The Sunday Mirror believes it has details of Brown's forthcoming ‘nuclear’ reshuffle.  Who’s going where need not bother us, except for these two gentleman.  Mandy may be moved to his ‘dream job’ of Foreign Secretary.  If he is, then it far easier for Brown to dump the part sell-off of the Royal Mail.  Also keep an eye on whether Alan Johnson resists a move.  This will be key to any leadership ambitions he has in mind.

It is the dates that are important:

Mr Brown will carry out the cull within 48 hours of local and European elections on June 4, when Labour fears the party will perform badly.

This implies that Brown will reshuffle on either Friday 5th, the day the local election votes are counted or Monday 8th, the day after the European votes are known.  My guess is that Brown will go for the Friday and leak some of the moves overnight on the Thursday for obvious reasons.

The reshuffle itself may not matter much.  How it is rolled out will.  Friday will be the day that the rumour mill will be in full swing on Brown’s leadership.

If you can tear yourself away from the expenses revelations, the rumours on the reshuffle should enlighten us to what is going to happen to our much ridiculed leader.

Watch this space.

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